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Help Protect Yourself And Provide Convenience During These Uncertain Times.

  • Reduce your exposure by 99.9% To All Bacteria, Virus and other germs.
  • Perfect for opening public doors, elevators, using ATMs, and anything else you can push or pull.
  • Be safe when using touchscreens, doors and buttons!
  • Great for levers, sliding doors, pull doors, buttons, ATM's and much more.
  • Limited Quantity Available - Fits easily on any keyring so you can take it anywhere.

With this No-Touch Door Opener, I can safely press the elevator.Let me be protected. Don't worry about touching dirty things! Well worth it!It is very safe because It can avoid direct contact between hands and pollutant in the air

The product is very good, the person who invented this No-Touch Door Opener is amazing.I have a lot of people at work.Many elevators in the community are in contact. With this door opener, you can safely get on and off.

These items are made of metal, practical and durable.Suitable for use in a variety of environments and can effectively reduce direct contact with people or things.It is small in size, you can take it with you.