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18 Piece Make Up Brush Set
18 Piece Make Up Brush Set
18 Piece Make Up Brush Set

18 Piece Make Up Brush Set

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This is the EXACT same brush set that our professional artists use here at the magazine to produce results like these…

1. Large Fan Brush - So you can brush off any excess makeup that may cause clumping or creases.

2. Powder Brush - So you can flawlessly apply pressed and loose powders.

3. Angled Brush - So you can master the art of blending and defining.

4. Foundation Brush - So you can get the best full coverage a woman can ask for.

5. Contouring Brush - So you can buff and set your loose powder.

6. Small Fan Brush - So you can perfect and remove excess makeup after application.

7. Large Shadow Brush - So you can perfect your base eyeshadow color.

8. Eyeshadow Blender Brush - So you learn how to smudge along your lash line.

9. Small Eyeshadow Brush - So you can easily apply the right amount of eyeshadow to your lower lid.

10. Small Concealer Brush - So you can evenly blend concealer under your eyes.

11. Small Powder Liner - So you can brighten and define your lower lash line.

12. Angled Brow Brush - So you can precisely contour and shade your eyebrows.

13. Lip Brush - So you can apply perfect strokes of color to your lips.

14. Detailer Brush - So you can get in those hard to reach creases.

15. Eyeliner Brush - So you line your eyes like a pro.

16. Smudge Brush - So you can create the ultimate smokey eye effect.

17. Mascara Brush - So you can get that dramatic lash effect.

18. Lash and Brow Comb - So you can groom, comb, and define your eyebrows and lashes.