Air Rifle - Zombie Splat
Air Rifle - Zombie Splat
Air Rifle - Zombie Splat
Air Rifle - Zombie Splat
Air Rifle - Zombie Splat
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Air Rifle - Zombie Splat

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We Made Lewis & Clark's Favorite Rifle 150x Better And Now You Can Get It Without A Permit, Completely Unregistered This New .177 Cal. Repeater Rifle Puts All It's Opponents To Shame With A Single pump Action cocking System I Need To Make Something VERY Clear...

THIS is no toy...It's Powerful!

It EASILY Takes Out Birds, Rabbits, Squirrels And Even A Wild Boar With A Single Shot!

One Quick Pump Fires This .177 Rifle At Over 300 Feet Per Second Without An Air Canister MUCH More Accurately Than Any Rim Fire .177

This Zombie Splat Rifle Beats ANY Remington, Winchester, or Ruger in Accuracy... EVERY Time

Any marksman will tell you that air rifles like the Zombie Splat are MUCH more accurate than the standard .177 Remington, and here's why: Ordinary .177s are "rimfire" weapons. The firing pin strikes and crushes the rim of the cartridge base to ignite the primer. So, where the hammer strikes the rim can drastically change the accuracy of your shot... And you have little to no control over that... But, thanks to the amazing engineering involved in the manufacturing of this precision rifle, the air is exactly the same EVERY shot. Once you get zeroed in on the shot it stays there. PERIOD!
8 Big Reasons You Are Going To LOVE This Rifle
  • It's legal almost EVERYWHERE, so you can shoot pop cans in your backyard, even in a subdivision.
  • It's powerful, so you can hunt small game like birds, rabbits, and squirrels, or get rid of varmints like moles, rats, and raccoons.
  • It's rugged, so you can keep it in the garage, the back of the truck or in a tool shed, and if the kids drag it in the mud... who cares.
  • It's accurate, so you usually won't have to shoot twice
  • It's FUN to shoot, so you and the kids or grandkids will ALWAYS have something to do.
  • It's cheap to shoot at only .03 cents per round, there is no other weapon that is such a value.
  • You can get it without a background check or registration in almost all 50 states
  • It's built to last and has a hell of a story behind it that you can share with your friends.
What Makes This Rifle So Great!
  • It's light and easy to carry, weighing in at just 7.2 lbs, so even ladies and kids can handle it with ease.
  • It's compact, with a total length of just inches from end to end. This baby fits almost anywhere.
  • Heavy duty, impact resistant ABS construction for a lifetime of use
  • Its sights are EXCEPTIONAL! You can zero in on any target in seconds.
  • It's QUIET and can be fired almost anywhere 100% unnoticed and can be used in metro situations where firing your ordinary .177 could land you in jail.
  • It's VERY safe for young marksmen, with a thumb button safety and single shot action.
  • It's performance guaranteed from any normal wear and tear for 5 years. If it breaks we'll simply give you a new one. So easy, right!